Representing Buyers is one of our favorite roles!  There is nothing better than seeing your clients face light up when they have found the right house.  Understanding the process and being beside your client for every step is what makes a successful buyer’s agent.  At Keystone Realty, we train our agents to understand each step of the process and to communicate regularly with our clients to create a successful result.  Below are the steps to the process and how we can assist you in reaching your dreams of homeownership.

  1. Discuss the process with the Buyer. Before we can embark on the process it is important to create a roadmap which covers not only the steps but the timeframe involved.
  2. Pre-Qualify for a Mortgage. This is vitally important as it provides buyer and buyer’s agent an idea as to what priced homes to look at as well as other information such as closing costs and approximate monthly payments.
  3. Initial Search. This step involves the buyer providing information to the buyer’s agent such as price range, schools, location, house type, lot size and more.  Using this criteria, the agent can locate homes that fit buyer’s needs.
  4. Showings. Taking a buyer out to look at homes is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process.  Our agents research each home prior to showing them so they will be educated and can answer most any buyer questions.
  5. Offer & Contract Negotiation. Keystone agents regularly prepare and negotiate sales of all types of properties. We can help advise and be available to discuss each aspect of the offer and subsequent counter offers.
  6. Inspection Period. Once you complete a contract we are only half way through the process.  The majority of contracts provide for an inspection period where the buyer can check on the property to be certain it is the right one for them.  Our agents can help coordinate home, termite, well, radon and other types of inspections.
  7. Closing Preparations. Once you determine the house is suitable we move on to preparations for closing.  Our agents work with appraisers, lenders, seller’s agents and closing attorneys to make sure all the requirements of the contract are met.  We help coordinate tasks like ordering home warranties, termite letters, appraisal inspections, verifying repairs made, getting utility information and scheduling a closing time.
  8. Pre-Closing. Several days prior to closing you will receive closing disclosures and a first draft of the settlement statement.  We always work with the lender and buyer to make sure buyer has all the documents, has reviewed and understands them.
  9. Closing. Keystone Realty agents always attend closing with their buyers.  While there may not be much for us to do at closing, we recognize having someone there if needed is important to our clients.
  10. Post Closing. We are really bad at moving but are available for most any other questions.  We recognize that there is still a lot to learn about your new home / new neighborhood and we are always glad to be a resource where we can.

Client Stories

I’ve known, and worked, with Penny since 2007.  She has helped me with five real estate transactions (three purchases and two sales).  She started out with a natural talent but her experience has grown tremendously since then and she is a very knowledgeable professional.  I highly recommend her.

Craig L. – Mortgage Lender

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