Representing Sellers is the largest part of our business and Keystone Realty agents are well trained to do so.  Selling your home is a detailed process but so much easier with help.  We take a step by step process in working with sellers that has proven successful.

  1. Pre-Meeting Research. Typically, the first interaction between seller and agent occurs via the phone.  This is a great time for the agent to do some homework before visiting the property.  We can research public records and comparable sales (or listings) in your neighborhood and arrive at your home ready to intelligently discuss your options.
  2. Meet at your home. This is one of the most important steps in the process.  It provides the agent with an opportunity to view the home, make any recommendations for future showings and fine tune a proposed list price.  This is also a great time for the seller to interview the agent to be sure this is the right fit for them.  A Keystone Realty agent will arrive with information about themselves, the subject property and the housing market.
  3. Listing the your home. Keystone Realty agents will explain each part of the process and the listing agreement documents in detail prior to any agreements being signed.  We will supervise, or personally handle, all photography of the home.  We utilize signage and electronic lockboxes on our listings.  We personally coordinate all showings of your home with you.
  4. Marketing of your home. Every Keystone listing is placed on all reputable and available local and national sites.  Locally, this includes two multiple listing services.  Nationally, you can expect to see your home on dozens of prominent national listing services.  We actively use social media to market our properties.  We regularly interact with many buyer agents and share information on our listings.  Our website features all of our listings and we regularly use direct e-mail marketing to promote our properties.
  5. Offer & Contract. Upon receipt of an offer, we will meet with you to discuss each aspect of it.  We can make recommendations for a counter offer as needed.  We can also provide you a rough calculation as to what you can expect after costs of the sale are itemized.  Keystone Realty agents work diligently to secure our clients with the best possible outcome in contract negotiations.
  6. Inspection. Once we are under contract, the biggest hurdle is to complete the buyer’s inspections.  We can help advise as to any buyer requests for repairs and many times assist in locating reputable contractors to help.
  7. Closing Preparations. Once you complete the home inspection process it is time to turn our attention to closing preparations.  Our agents work with appraisers, lenders, seller’s agents and closing attorneys to make sure all the requirements of the contract are met.  We help coordinate tasks like ordering home warranties, termite letters, appraisal inspections and scheduling a closing time.
  8. Pre-Closing. Several days prior to closing you will receive a first draft of the settlement statement.  We always work with our sellers to make sure they understand each item on the statement.
  9. Closing. Keystone Realty agents always attend closing with their sellers.  While there may not be much for us to do at closing, we recognize having someone there if needed is important to our clients.

Client Stories

We just want to thank Pete Ewing for going out of your way to help us with our new home.  Not only did he sell our house in two days but he helped us get the house we wanted to downsize to.  It was a very smooth transition.  He helped us with the paperwork we had to get.  He came to all the meetings with had with the contractors and sellers of the subdivision.  We have recommended Pete and Keystone Realty Group to several of our friends and family.  We appreciate you doing the great job for us.

Junior & Jackie G.

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